New Horizons Computer and Learning Centre

In 1982, New Horizons Computer and Learning Centres launched their services around the world, becoming one of the leading training centres all over the world (based on a report issued by ICD). The number of centres has topped 367 in more than 65 countries. In 1994, The Gulf Company for Training and Electronic Industries obtained the patent of running New Horizons Computer Training Centres in the Middle East. There are now 47 New Horizons centres in the Middle East.

Why New Horizons

1.New Horizons Computer Learning Center is the only IT training company, that operates on a global basis, delivering training in 65 countries in 367 centers. 2.Over 98% of New Horizons clients would recommend New Horizons to others. 3.New Horizons consistently outperforms benchmark peer IT training companies in instructor performance, courseware quality and facility satisfaction. 4.Over 70% of the new knowledge and skills learned at New Horizons is applied on the job within the first eight weeks. 5.Over 55% of performance improvements on the job were directly attributable to the training as opposed to other factors. 6.New Horizons training yields a 4:1 benefit-to-cost ratio relative to predicted increase in performance (tied to a standard salary classification). 7.Over 98% of our clients utilize the knowledge and skills gained through New Horizons training in their job. 8.Over 59% of New Horizons students state that the training received was critical to their job performance. 9.New Horizons students spend over 44% of their time on the job using their knowledge and skills gained through New Horizons training. 10.Over 60% of the students surveyed say that New Horizons training had a significant impact on increasing quality.

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